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polygraph test in Hemet California

A Hemet polygraph test can use a
maximum of four questions written
by the client of this examination,
and all must be able to be answered
with either a Yes or a No

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A typical Hemet
polygraph test
allows up to
4 client questions

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A lie detector test in Hemet
has three main parts. The
longest part is the Pre-Test,
during which all questions
to be used are developed

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Hemet lie detector
tests are available
7 days a week

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During a Hemet polygraph
examination an examinee must:

--- sit completely still
--- answer Yes or No with no
head or body movements
--- drink water in hours before test

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This Hemet polygraph test examiner
has in excess of thirty years of
actual polygraph experience

Hemet polygraph
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